“Wherever Possible Aim to Eat Largely Natural Foods”

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Ever wondered what nutritional advice a nutritional therapist would give?

We caught up with Caroline Peyton to find out. She’s a nutritional therapist and naturopath who has run her health clinic Peyton Principals (peytonprinciples.com) for the last ten years.

 She gave us advice and told us all about her job as a nutritional therapist.

What Does Your Job As A Nutritional Therapist Involve?  

I provide personalised nutrition and lifestyle advice to individuals to promote optimum health and help people reach their health goals. Clients can present with quite complex case histories but through taking an in-depth case history using careful listening and questioning skills, I can then tailor my recommendations and advice to help find improvements to their health. 

What’s The Difference Between A Nutritionist And A Nutritional Therapist?  

Nutritionists are trained more in the scientific basis of nutrition and often work in the food industry or research and development.

Nutritional therapists are also trained in the scientific evidence of food and nutrition, but a fundamental part of the training is clinical practice. This means we can provide one to one nutritional advice to individuals to help their unique and often complex health needs.

What Made You Decide You Wanted To Be A Nutritional Therapist? 

I worked in the corporate world for 20 years and increasingly found it a stressful, unrewarding and an unsatisfactory place to work. I was always interested in health (for example it would be the first section in a magazine I would turn to) and when thinking about my future it was like a light-bulb moment to train in nutrition. I loved completing the nutritional therapy course then trained to become a naturopath too.

Is There Any Part Of Nutritional Therapy That You Specialise In?

Yes, my passion is gut health and helping those many individuals with digestive complaints including IBS and the more chronic IBD conditions. I have always found that no matter what my clients present with, there is often an underlying gut or digestive insufficiency. If this is not corrected then optimum health will not be achieved.

As A Nutritional Therapist, What Is Your Top Piece Of Advice You Would Give Readers?

Rather than see changes to your diet as too momentous to make, take small steps day by day. For example, if you’re intension is to reduce your coffee intake to four cups a day to only one cup a day, then aim for just two cups, to begin with. (aiming for just two cups); add an extra vegetable to your plate (aiming for more colour, variety and quantity). Furthermore, wherever possible aim to eat largely natural foods. Meat, fish, eggs, pulses, vegetables, fruit. Keep those “processed” and baked goods to a minimum.

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