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The Importance of Workplace Wellbeing

The demands on today's leaders and managers have never been greater, with research showing declining productivity and wellbeing in the UK over the past decade. These challenges can significantly impact both individual and company productivity, leaving your organization struggling to keep up with competitors.

Transform Your Company's Performance

Don't let declining productivity and wellbeing hold your company back. At Peyton Principles, we understand the value of wellbeing in the workplace, and our team of experts is dedicated to helping your leaders and managers achieve sustained high performance.

Experience the Peyton Principles Difference

Founder Caroline Peyton has a 20-year background in the corporate sector and is a leading expert in naturopathic nutrition. Her comprehensive approach addresses both physical and mental health concerns, offering workshops that provide your leaders and managers with the right tools and strategies to fuel and energize their performance.

We will be booking you for our other group meetings!

"Many thanks from me and all members of our Parkinson’s UK branch  who attended your very informative session on Nutrition and Parkinson’s"

Your very clear and confident approach helped to explain a very specialist technical and relevant topic, I thought it was exemplary. Our members were very interested and ending up well informed. Nutrition is a key element to Parkinson’s Disease (PD), you explained just how the body operates, how things are connected, the terminologies and meanings as well as why.

We will be booking you for our other group meetings around our region so that many more of our members who couldn't attend your first session will benefit from hearing from an expert on a key related topic. I will be adding your details to our website to further promote your work

Kevin Young - Chairman, Parkinson's UK, Cirencester & Stroud Branch

Discover the Alternative to a Healthier and More Productive Team

Studies have shown a direct link between optimum wellbeing and higher levels of productivity. By taking advantage of our workshops, your company can help your workforce overcome obstacles, leading to improved productivity and performance.

Book a strategy call with Peyton Principles and experience the difference a focus on wellbeing can make. With our expert guidance, your business can enhance productivity and performance, empowering your leaders and managers to achieve their best

Caroline Peyton talking at a Corporate Wellbeing event

Credit: Lyndon Price of Sudol Media

Caroline has a 20 year background in the corporate sector and understands the stress and pressure of working life today and how this can impact on health and wellbeing.  She brings a wealth of experience to your organisation on a variety of topics.

Helping Your Business to Thrive

Just a few of the businesses Caroline has helped

  • Nationwide Headquarters
  • W H Smith Headquarters
  • Bank of New York Mellon
  • TT Electronics
  • Cambridge Nutritional Sciences
  • Sodra Int. Forestry Group

Don't let declining productivity and well being hold your company back. With Peyton Principles,
you can fuel and energize your leaders and managers to achieve sustained high performance.

Workplace Wellbeing
Workplace Wellbeing
Workplace Wellbeing
Workplace Wellbeing
Workplace Wellbeing

A small selection of the workshop topics available...

'The importance of nutrition for mental wellbeing'

'Feel revitalised, regain energy'

'Building Resilience against Stress

'Nutrition and Lifestyle Support for the Menopause'

“Caroline's experience and contribution brought great value to the company”

"Caroline’s contribution to our education programme through her fantastic case studies was invaluable. It was great having an external speaker with Caroline’s years of experience, who was professional and reliable throughout, who knows her subject matter, with great valuable insights to the audience in the Q&A section at the end."

Sam Dunkley - Cambridge Nutritional Sciences

What Workplace Wellbeing clients have to say...

The health and wellbeing of our employees is our priority and Caroline’s session aligned with us and it was a huge success in getting employees involved in understanding their nutritional health in more detail. Caroline was professional and knowledgeable, a true subject expert.’

Jade Newton // HR, Easy Fundraising


Caroline’s presentation to our staff about the Gut Microbiome was fascinating.

"Caroline’s presentation to our staff about the Gut Microbiome and its link to our overall health was fascinating.
She gave us lots of practical information that we can incorporate into our daily lives and it’s obvious she is very passionate and knowledgable about her subject. We are keen to learn more and will be inviting her back.” 

Lindsay Orton

Wellbeing Development Manager
Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council


Caroline's Sessions For TT Electronics Were Fantastic!

"Feedback from staff was what she was both informative and engaging. The content was not overly complicated, yet had sufficient depth and was well articulated. So it reached all levels of understanding in the audiences.

Caroline was particularly good at engaging with questions throughout the sessions and making the audience feel they could ask anything.

I personally really appreciated the links between foods and both mood and energy levels that Caroline highlighted. This is really useful in helping us all manage our stress levels and well-being."

We look forward to having Caroline back again in the future"

Allie Singer 

HR, TT Electronics GMS Europe


Caroline's experience and contribution brought great value to the company.

"Caroline’s contribution to our education programme through her fantastic case studies, enabled the subject of food sensitivity to come to life, clearly highlighting the role food sensitivity testing can play in clinic. 

Having an external speaker with Caroline’s years of experience, has also been invaluable in helping practitioners when dealing with complex cases.

It was great to work with Caroline, who was professional and reliable throughout, who knows her subject matter, with great valuable insights to the audience in the Q&A section at the end."

Educational Workshop to Nutritionist Practioners.

Sam Dunkley
Cambridge Nutritional Sciences


I found the session really informative and made changes.

"I found this session really interesting and informative.

For me Caroline managed to convey enough of the science to make sense of the reasons why certain types of foods/nutrition are so important for our bodies to work effectively. 

And how they can help to combat some of the symptoms of menopause.

I have already started to make tweaks to my cooking practices. 

And I'm being more mindful of what my body actually needs."

Workplace Wellbeing Workshop for Staff in Financial Services Firm.

Employee (Name witheld)
Financial Services


Caroline is a highly professional nutritionist who also is a wonderful presenter

"She was so generous in her sharing of her immense knowledge on gut health at my yoga retreat.” 

Jane Macpherson

Yoga Retreat


Today's session was brilliant!

"Thank you so much for today’s session Caroline – it was brilliant.

Really interesting and really informative and I’m sure everyone who joined took something away from it.

I’d like to say a very big ‘thank you’ on behalf of the Swindon Wellbeing team and all of our colleagues who attended.”

Jennie Willcockson

Comm. Chair, Financial Services


Thank you for the excellent talk.

"I just wanted to write and thank you on behalf of the group for the excellent talk on Friday.

It encouraged the group to "question" their thoughts / beliefs on nutrition and the immunity focus so relevant to the current COVID pandemic."

Rachael Dolman
Senior GP Clinical Therapist


I thought you were superb!

"Thank you so much for this afternoon.

I thought you were absolutely superb with your delivery and I really enjoyed your presentation which was fantastic. 

As was your interaction in the question and answer section at the end.”

Sam Dunkley
BDM Cambridge Nutritional Sciences


The feedback from all the sessions was really excellent!

"Just a note to say thanks so much for your help and supporting our Wellbeing Week."


BNY Mellon

About The Workshop Creator,
Caroline Peyton

Caroline is a very experienced practitioner and is passionate about sharing her knowledge with others.

She graduated with a Diploma in Naturopathic Nutritional Therapy (2009), set up her own practice and helped launch the Naturopathic Nutrition Association (NNA).

She continues to develop her knowledge with a particular interest in gut health and psychosocial health.

Naturopaths have always said "Health starts in the Gut" and science is finally catching up!

And it seems only natural that true health comes when we feel emotionally, spiritually and physically in balance.