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What does Christmas 2020 mean for you in your business? 

The lead up to Christmas is traditionally a quiet time and understandably so. Who wants to think about tidying up their diet during the festive season?! I continue to work with and support my existing clients and I use this period of time to focus on my goals for 2021. 

Or are you a business owner who thinks more of ‘autumn/winter’ rather than Christmas? 

Yes Autumn/Winter is peak time for my business – as is New Year/Spring. These are key times when people have a bit of a wake up call and realise they want to change how they feel, take control of their health and work with a professional who can guide them and help them achieve  their health goals

Will your business be operating differently during Quarter 4 2020? 

I am now working with clients online far more often than ever before. I have been seeing clients face to face and I believe will continue to do so through further lockdowns as my business is in the health sector. It is pleasing to see that the government now recognises the important role we play to the health and mental wellbeing of the public.

Are you planning any events in Quarter 4, virtual or real world? 

I am currently running a 14 day ‘Cleanse your gut, mind and body” – an online supported detox programme. It’s going well and is motivating me to sharpen up my diet a bit too! I shall be planning more events like these in the New Year. 

Have you got any milestones to share? 

My business celebrated ten years this year which is a huge achievement – and what a year it’s been for everyone! 

Have you employed any new staff recently? 

My business is about me and my expertise. I don’t employ anyone else but I do engage the services of others to support my business. This frees up my time to do what I do best- supporting my clients. So let me take this opportunity to say that outsourcing really works for a business like mine! 

Have you faced some challenges which have changed things for you? 

Used the first lockdown to really drive through changes in my business. It gave me the time and focus to do this. But I worked so hard without a break for so long that I really believe I was not looking after my own health and wellbeing. However I am so pleased with where I am today. I believe my business is in a much better and stronger place.  

How are you feeling generally about business in your community at this time? 

There has never been a greater need for health practitioners than now. Taking good care of health and mental wellbeing is critical at this time especially when public health services are under so much pressure. Knowing there are experts to turn to who can provide personalised nutrition and lifestyle programmes to support your own unique health needs and goals is reassuring. I dvise everyone to take the time to engage with practitioners on social media. Like me – we share so much valuable information to help you be a healthier you. 

Any special offers you’d like to mention? 

Book before Christmas for my special January offer: 30 day Reset programme: A 1-1 supported programme for those who wish to get their health, lifestyle and diet back on track. The programme is personalised to you and your goals. An initial consultation with weekly follow-ups and email support to keep you motivated. Reduced by £50 to £199. Get in touch through my website https://www.peytonprinciples.com

And finally: 

I advise everyone to take the time to engage with practitioners on social media. Like me – we share so much valuable information to help you be a healthier you. Come and follow my Facebook Page Peyton Principles Natural Health.

For more information visit https://www.peytonprinciples.com

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