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Hi, I'm Caroline

I am an experienced naturopathic practitioner with a particular passion in gut health and the microbiome (gut bacteria). 

I devised my Principles of Gut Health as the foundation to my treatment protocols.

Naturopaths have always believed that disease starts in the gut but I go one step further...

- I’m passionate that health starts in the gut! -

Let's take a look at my unique approach to healthcare based on over twelve years in practice with My 4 Principles for Optimal Gut Health...

"Nuture your Gut to take care of the mind and body."

My 4 Principles for Optimal Gut Health

Gut Health

Caroline literally walked with me on my journey back to health!

"The words 'gut health expert' jumped out at me when I was searching online for someone who could help me with suspected leaky gut. With her immense knowledge and many years of experience Caroline literally walked with me on my journey back to health. She organised test kits within days, provided dietary programmes and recommended supplements to support my recovery, was always on hand when I had questions, and reassured me when I was at my most wobbly. I really recommend her services. “

Lorna - Calne

Support Your Digestion



"You are what you eat"


"You are what you eat, digest & absorb"

My Principles of Gut Health System

Digestion starts before food even enters your mouth. 

It then goes on a complex clever journey through the mouth, stomach and small intestines. Food should not find its way into the large intestines but it can do if digestive capability is not working well.

Many digestive problems and health symptoms start because of sub-optimal digestion and release of digestive secretions.

I take care to explore each stage of digestion with you and have tools and techniques to support this essential function.

Oh do I wish I had found Caroline earlier!

“My problems started a long time ago mainly due to work life sending stress direct to my gut. I’ve tried various people (and Dr.Google) over twenty five years but I’m sorry to say they simply do not have the right expertise. I achieved very little - I now realise. We truly are what we eat (and digest) so leaving problems associated with gut health is far too important to leave to fringe and quirky practitioners who mean well. Caroline’s extensive knowledge and expertise has changed my situation considerably. I can now enjoy and digest a number of foods and yes, there is more to do but only with Caroline’s help.”

Ken - Gloucestershire



My Principles of Gut Health System

Your gut is home to trillions of microbes (bacteria, yeast and viruses)- both beneficial and damaging to your health. There are more microbes in your gut than people in the World sending messages around your body and brain. It is a unique finely tuned ecosystem that easily becomes out of balance.

Stress, trauma, infections, medications, antibiotics and sub-optimal diet all play a role in upsetting the delicate balance of this microbiome. Once out of balance it can spiral out of control. This creates gut symptoms like IBS, SIBO and can contribute to chronic IBD conditions.

I have researched the most thorough and reliable stool test on the market to accuratey explore your gut ecosystem and offer this as part of my programmes.

Caroline has literally transformed my life!

"I don’t say that lightly but she is the first person to really listen to me and my symptoms for twenty years. With her careful consultation skills and truly getting to know me, she was able to offer me personal advice that within one month had removed nearly all the symptoms I had experienced for 20 years. I had severe abdominal bloating and stabbing pains and was on anti-depressants. I am now living my life to the full, off anti-depressants and I can honestly say it is all down to Caroline’s expertise. Thank you so much!"

Lynn - Swindon



My Principles of Gut Health System

Stress- the curse of the modern world but something we cannot always escape.

Stress has an instant impact on your ability to digest food. It is only when we are in a relaxed state that the body can optimally release digestive secretions and optimally digest and absorb nutrients.

As a Naturopath, helping you adjust your lifestyle and introduce stress relieving protocols is an essential part of my health protocols.

I feel 100% well. Caroline's assessment was spot on.

"I met with Caroline after several years of problems with my digestion with which my GP seemed unable to help. She was professional, friendly and knowledgeable and was able to make some suggestions on how I might be able to improve my health. I started to use the supplements she suggested immediately and quickly began to feel human again. 12 months later, I feel 100% well. Caroline's assessment was spot on. I still follow her other advice. I can recommend a consultation to anyone."

Terri - Swindon



My Principles of Gut Health System

As a Nutritionist I will identify where your diet is lacking or imbalanced. I’ll tailor my advice to suit your symptoms and meet your needs and lifestyle.

Of equal importance, I’ll show you how to nourish the ecosystem of gut flora. It requires essential fuel (“prebiotics”) just like the rest of your body to thrive and grow.

Why not book a free Discovery call to find out how my unique system can help you?

I wish I had contacted you earlier. Thank you so much for all your help.

"When I first consulted you I was still having gastrointestinal problems including diarrhoea and poor appetite. I had lost weight, about a stone and a half.

I now have a good appetite, gained half a stone, having a pretty normal diet and my symptoms have gone. Thank you so much for all your help, working with you was a pleasure."

Ann - Tetbury

Who is Caroline Peyton?

Caroline is a professional Nutritionist, Naturopath and gut health expert. She is a great advocate that “health starts in the gut” and a holistic whole body and mind approach. Once you have the right tools in place, many health concerns may dissipate.

Caroline uses a Functional Medicine approach. As a fully trained Naturopath - the founders of the modern “functional medicine” – Caroline aims to find the root cause to client’s health concerns and support them with their goals towards improved health. 

She invests a huge amount of her time to stay abreast of the latest research and thinking regarding gut health, digestive concerns (like IBS), the microbiome and its links to human health.

Caroline is experienced in utilising and understanding complex functional testing especially in the area of gut health.

Caroline has expertise in helping those with other chronic health conditions utilising her many years of clinical practice.

Thanks for your help!

"Got in touch due to digestive discomfort, general lack of energy and feeling like a blob. Caroline identified the causes quickly and advised simple resolutions, keeping in touch regularly to monitor progress and adapt as required. I've ended up significantly changing the way I eat with her guidance and am now feeling great with none of the above complaints. Thanks for your help!"

Tim Cowley


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My Mission...

To help you find relief from your symptoms,

 rebalance your gut, mind and body so that you 

 feel like you again!

Caroline x