The 14 Day Gut Cleanse That Actually Works

A quick search on the internet can find some fantastical claims and programs when what you need is simply a 14 day cleanse that actually works.

I’ve worked as a dedicated nutritional therapist and naturopath for over 10 years and I specialise in gut health and digestive issues.

When I develop a gut cleanse program, I design it based on my experience and what actually works for my clients (and myself!).

My new 14 Day Spring Cleanse program is designed to be fun and give your gut and body a spring clean ready for summer.

After the year we’ve all had, I think we’re ready for it!

So, why a 14 Day Spring Cleanse?

A Winter of heavier foods, alcohol, less exercise and darkness takes its toll on our digestive system. Bowels can become sluggish or out of sorts, gut bacteria can get out of balance, digestive capability can become strained.

So it’s time to ditch the foods that are heavy to digest and follow a carefully curated programme of meal plans with recipes, nutrition and lifestyle guidance that are gut-friendly, nutritious and tasty!

Now is the time to get your digestion back on track…

  • Beat the bloat
  • Spring clean your gut and body
  • Lift your mood
  • Feel revitalised

My step by step programme will show you how to feed the good gut bacteria, stop feeding the pathogens, cleanse the bowels, support your digestion and give your gut a rest.

What do you get on the 14 Day Spring Cleanse?

Good question!

Your 14 Day Spring Cleanse includes a structured program with…

  • 14 Day Meal Planners and Recipes.  
  • Step By Step Guided Cleanse to maximise the program benefits
  • Expert Naturopathic Advice and Recommendations to optimise your gut function 
  • Recommended Optional Food Supplements
  • Food Advice to Nourish the Gut and support digestion
  • Foods to avoid that could hinder digestion
  • Direct Access to me for all your questions in my private Online Practice or FB Group
  • And much more !

I’ve designed it to help you bounce into Spring with a gut cleansing programme that will leave you feeling fresher, lighter and cleaner!

A 14 Day Gut Cleanse That Actually Works.

The program is valued at £79 but you can enrol now for just £29!

Click Here to Enrol

Caroline Peyton 14 Day Gut Cleanse supporting the Churn Project

And what’s more, 50% of all proceeds will be going to the Churn Community Project Charity who support the most vulnerable and marginalised people in and around Circencester.

Can a gut cleanse help me?

Absolutely! For me health and disease start in the gut.

There are sometimes signs that you suffer from poor gut health, such as;

  • Feeling stressed
  • You feel moody, anxious, depressed
  • Suffering bloating, cramps reflux, burping, diarrhoea or constipation
  • You suffer food intolerance or sugar cravings

We often pay far too little attention to the health of our digestive tract.  It can be easy to ignore symptoms or excuse them as something else that will pass.  We all do it, including me.

So, let’s change that and really bounce into Spring. Come and join me on my challenge, feel great and raise some money for charity!

Find out more and book your place here

Peyton Principle 14 Day Spring Gut Cleanse

I hope you have found this article, 14 Day Gut Cleanse That Actually Works, informative and I would love to see you on the 14 Day Spring Rejuvenation Program starting March 15th 2021.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch… 

Caroline is a Professional Nutritionist, Naturopath based in Wiltshire.

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Caroline Peyton

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