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Spring Rejuvenation - Reset Your Gut in 14 Days

This cleanse program was a great way to jump into spring and summer.  Join my FB group so you don't miss my next cleanse coming very soon!

My next 14 Day Cleanse program is later this year.


What will you get on the

14 Day Spring Cleanse  Program?


14 Day Meal Plan & Recipes

A great meal planner to follow over the 14 days.


Step By Step Guided Cleanse 

Step by Step Guided cleanse to tailor and maximise the program benefits to you.


Expert Food & Lifestyle Advice

Expert food and diet advice to re-energise and optimise digestive function.  There will also be recommended optional supplements.


Live Videos, Tips & Information

Live videos, tips, information and motivation throughout the 14 day course.


BONUS! 3 Amazing Yoga Programs for Digestive Flow

Top fitness & Yoga Teacher, Tori Fae has kindly provided 3 great yoga sessions. 


Helping to Support The Churn Project Charity

50% of all proceeds from the cleanse will go to the churn community project. 


You can choose how!

Practice Better

I have a great online practice through Practice Better.  It has a dedicated app and group chat in the program so you can find support and ask me questions as well as access all the videos, documents and more!

I will also have a private Facebook group if you prefer to use facebook. Once you've signed up simple follow the link in the welcome module. 

Private Facebook Group

Once you sign up to your 14 Day Spring Cleanse through my Online Practice you can find the link to join the private Facebook group in the welcome module. 

In the group you will be able to interact with myself and others on the 14 day cleanse to get support as well as follow the latest videos and top tips.  


This year I wanted to give something back to the community. In what has been a very challenging year for all of us. 

I was aware of The Churn Project’s work which provides services for many hundreds of local people, reducing isolation, promoting wellbeing and creating opportunities to learn and achieve. To help I have committed to raise £1,000 across the year which is no small feat for a micro business owner!

So, as a start, 50% of all the proceeds from my Spring Rejuvenation Cleanse will be donated to help support the Churn Project. 

Join my facebook group to see my next cleanse program coming very soon!

Spring Rejuvenation - Reset Your Gut

Bounce into Spring with a gut cleansing programme that will leave you feeling fresher, lighter and cleaner!

Ditch the foods that are heavy to digest and follow a carefully curated programme of meal plans with recipes, nutrition and lifestyle guidance that are gut friendly, nutritious and tasty.

A Winter of heavier foods, alcohol, less exercise and darkness takes its toll on our digestive system. Bowels can become sluggish or out of sorts, gut bacteria can get out of balance, digestive capability can become strained.

And in turn, it effects the health of your body and mind leaving you feeling tired, heavy and moody.

Now is the time to get your digestion back on track.

  • Beat the bloat
  • Spring clean your gut and body
  • Lift your mood
  • Feel revitalised

This step by step programme will show you how to feed the good gut bacteria, stop feeding the pathogens, cleanse the bowels, support your digestion and give your gut a rest.

RelaxRefresh & Recharge Your Vitality !

BONUS!  3 Amazing Yoga Programs designed for Digestive Flow

Tori Fae Yoga Caroline Peyton Cleanse
Tori Fae Yoga Caroline Peyton Cleanse
Tori Fae Yoga Caroline Peyton Cleanse

14 Day Spring Rejuvenation Cleanse

14 Day Spring Rejuvination Cleanse

Your 14 Day Spring Cleanse includes a structured program with...

  • 14 Day Meal Planners and Recipes.  
  • Step By Step Guide to maximise the program benefits
  • Expert Naturopathic Advice and Recommendations to optimise your gut function 
  • Recommended Optional Food Supplements
  • Food Advice to Nourish the Gut and support digestion
  • Foods to avoid that could hinder digestion
  • Direct Access to me for all your questions in my private FB or Online Practice 
  • BONUS! 3 Amazing Yoga Programs for Digestive Flow.
  • And much more !

The program is valued at £79. Enroll now for just £29 !

Who needs a 14 Day Spring Rejuvenation Program?

A Gut Cleanse Program isn’t just for those with tummy niggles or problems.

Here are 4 signs you suffer from poor gut health:

You feel stressed

We all feel stressed at times.  It's a fact of life.  But it can be made worse by our diet.  Good bacteria in the gut can help you and your body cope with stress.

You feel moody, anxious, depressed

Feeling drained, lacking energy and motivation can leave us feeling depressed and affect our mood. Serotonin contributes towards mood, sleep and appetite and we get most of it from our diet via the gut. 

You suffer bloating, cramps, reflux, burping, diarrhoea, constipation

These are the most common signs of an upset gut balance.  20% of us will suffer these symptoms at any one time, many in silence. 

Food intolerance or sugar cravings

Both of these can be linked back to the gut and can be due to a gut imbalance and bad bacteria. 

Here’s what people have said about some of my 14 Day Cleanse Programs

I have run a number of 14 Day programs focusing on different aspects of Nutrition, Health & Wellbeing.  Here's some of the feedback I've had... 

14 Day Cleanse Review Testimonial
14 Day Cleanse Review Testimonial
14 Day Cleanse Review Testimonial
14 Day Cleanse Review Testimonial

About The Program Creator,
Caroline Peyton

Caroline is a very experienced practitioner and is passionate about sharing her knowledge with others.

She graduated with a Diploma in Naturopathic Nutritional Therapy (2009), set up her own practice and helped launch the Naturopathic Nutrition Association (NNA).

She continues to develop her knowledge with a particular interest in gut health and psychosocial health.

Naturopaths have always said "Health starts in the Gut" and science is finally catching up!

And it seems only natural that true health comes when we feel emotionally, spiritually and physically in balance.

Why the 14 Day Spring Rejuvenation Cleanse is for YOU!

We pay far too little attention to the health of our digestive tract.  It can be easy to ignore symptoms or excuse them as something else that will pass.  We all do it, including me.  The key is to recognise what out bodies are trying to tell us.

So if you would like to experience any of the following;

  • Regain Vitality
  • Feel Less Sluggish
  • Ease Digestion
  • Lift Your Mood

Then this is for you!

A carefully managed cleanse of the gut which helps support the body's natural detoxification abilities to help us feel lighter, fresher and cleaner.

The 14 Day Spring Cleanse starts on 15th March 2021


100% Satisfaction Guarantee 

I have designed this course to be easy to follow and implement and I'll work with you every step of the way to get the most out of the cleanse.

My only goal is to help you live a happier, healthier life!

Publications Caroline & Peyton Principles have appeared in...

Peyton Principles Health and Diet Expert in Daily Express
Your Healthy Living Peyton Principles
Caroline Peyton Principles in the People's Friend Magazine

A Note from Caroline...

I hope you have found this page informative and I would love to see you on the 14 Day Spring Rejuvenation Program in March.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to get in touch... 

Call 07730 513303 or email caroline@peytonprinciples.com