Nutrition in the News: Red Meat and Cardiovascular Disease PODCAST

In this podcast, I talk about the latest news in nutrition and health and focus more deeply on red meat and cardiovascular disease (CVD). If you want to hear my take on nutritional values and what’s being said on the news about them then watch my latest video or listen to the podcast.

Is there a proven risk of red meat consumption and cardiovascular disease? 

The study (1) headline suggests a risk between higher red meat consumption and cardiovascular disease (CVD); reported 1st August 2022 by the American Heart Association.  The study included nearly 6000 adults over 65 years of age, free from cardiovascular disease (at the start of the study) and over an average timeframe of 12 years.

Should we be alarmed by the findings? Before I’m taken in by a headline, I look deeper at the study itself to see what it’s really telling us. 

This was an “observational study”. It’s based entirely on what each participant records as their food consumption daily. It is known with these types of uncontrolled reporting there is likely to be a high degree of error.

Second, the study was only interested in the recording of daily animal protein consumption: beef, bison, venison, pork, poultry, eggs, fish. It did not record intake of vegetables, fruit, pulses, nuts, seeds, grains (refined and unrefined), fluid consumption and types (water, tea, coffee, fizzy drinks) or alcohol. Third, it did not take into account salt and sugar consumption. And finally it did not record other lifestyle factors like healthy weight maintenance, smoking, exercise, sleep quality and stress.

I am particularly interested in this study as it focused on the link between diet, the gut microbiome and disease. 

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Nutrition in the News: Red Meat and Cardiovascular Disease PODCAST
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Nutrition in the News: Red Meat and Cardiovascular Disease PODCAST

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