My top tips for looking young

I spoke to Anna Barry of GB News about my top tips for looking young including a ‘non-negotiable’ hack…

Original Article by Anna Barry:

My top tips for looking young

When it comes to looking younger, women have plenty of options. From hair hacks and makeup tricks to skincare secrets, growing old does not have to mean looking old.

Nutritionist Caroline Peyton, 58, from Peyton Principles, gave her tips on how to maintain a youthful appearance, both aesthetically and from the inside out.

Caroline spoke to GB News about her top hair, skin, diet and lifestyle tips for anti-ageing.

One of her recommendations for looking young is maintaining a youthful hair colour and not going grey gracefully.

My top tips for looking young

She said: “Colouring my hair and six weekly hair appointments is non-negotiable.”

Investing in flattering makeup and finding an exercise regime that works for you can also take years off your age.

My top tips for looking young

She continued: “I like makeup and use Nars and Charlotte Tilbury. I run, do some yoga and weights all built into my busy schedule.”

When it comes to personal style, the mother-of-two listens to her fashionista daughters.

My top tips for looking young

She stated: “I have twin girls in their 20s who keep me on the appropriate side of fashion for my age – fashionable without looking silly!

“I count on them to give me honest advice. My favourite shops are Zara and & Other Stories.”

As well as looking after the external, Caroline recommended that women take care of their health in order to look their best.

My top tips for looking young

She said: “As a nutritionist and naturopath I am in a privileged position to understand how and what to eat to maintain my health from the inside out.

“All connective tissue – including elastin and collagen – is built from protein, and I maintain optimum levels (around 50-60g per day). I have protein smoothies three or four days a week which deliver 20g protein.

“My cleansing smoothies support liver health since this is our detoxifying organ and can be overburdened.”

Her smoothie of choice includes lemons – a “wonderful liver food” – parsley, celery, ginger and apple for fibre, pectin from apples to cleanse the gut, and ginger for a natural anti-inflammatory.

She suggested that avoiding processed and ultra-processed food is the way to go, instead stocking up on wholefoods and lots of vegetables.

My top tips for looking young

Caroline added: “I drink some red wine rich in flavonoids and two cups of proper coffee – not instant – a day, again due to flavonoid content.

“I drink about one and a half litres of water a day. Maintaining good fluid levels helps to support detoxification, bowel regularity, flexible joints, skin and brain.”

For glowing skin, the nutritionist recommended paying attention to gut health:

“Skin is an eliminatory organ and if the bowels are sluggish toxicity builds up on the walls of the colon and has to find another route of elimination.”

My top tips for looking young

Finally, she invests in her skin: “I’ve had monthly facials for nearly all my adult life. For the past twenty years I have had CACI facials that gently stimulate muscles and collagen production.”

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