My Top 5 Supplements for Women over 40 PODCAST

In today’s podcast, I talk about why we need supplements. Where to get the best supplements from. How these 5 supplements will help you live a more comfortable 40.

Do women need to supplement?

There are several important reasons why you may be lacking certain nutrients in your diet. 

Our soils are severely depleted of minerals compared to 50+ years ago, especially magnesium, zinc and calcium. Our food is often grown far away and stored for long periods, further depleting its nutritional value.

Our lives are so demanding and we are often living under immense stress. This places huge demands on our adrenal glands, especially for magnesium, vitamin C and certain B vitamins.

With busy lives, we may not always be eating nutrient-dense food. Processed food is nutritionally poor and leaves a nutrient deficit: when it takes more energy and nutrients to digest and process the food than it actually contains.

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My Top 5 Supplements for Women over 40 PODCAST

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