Abdominal Fat – Why it’s so much more than a weight issue PODCAST

In today’s podcast, I talk about what is abdominal fat really? Is it more than just weight gain? Ways to reduce abdominal fat.

Abdominal fat. You may dislike carrying extra weight around your midriff. But when it starts to get out of control it becomes far more than just your appearance. It becomes a health concern. That has far-reaching health implications around your body.

To understand why and what you can do about it, then read on.

Over the past thirty years, the amount of weight people carry around their waist and abdomen has increased at alarming rates. Far more than “middle-age spread”. Carrying a little extra weight in later years is not a cause for concern. But many people today are carrying large amounts of visceral abdominal fat.

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Abdominal Fat - Why it’s so much more than a weight issue

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