My “spat” with Chris Evans television and radio presenter

My spat with Chris Evans and why I was roused by seemingly innocuous comments by the Virgin Radio presenter.

Defending the benefits of olive oil

My “spat” with Chris Evans television and radio presenter

It was just a typical Tuesday morning during Lockdown.

I’d completed my online exercise class and was emptying the dishwasher before showering and starting my working day. Nothing special about this Tuesday or any other working day for that matter throughout this 100 days of lockdown.

But the next half hour turned out to be anything but ordinary for me.

The radio was tuned to my favourite morning show — Chris Evans on Virgin Radio UK. I love Chris’s show, his interaction with his co-hosts and his listeners, his guests and I love his outlook on life. He embraces a natural, holistic, wellness lifestyle.

As a Naturopath and Nutritional Therapist, it’s everything I believe in too.

What did Chris say?

My “spat” with Chris Evans television and radio presenter

So what happened on Tuesday 30th June that would cause me to want to challenge him? To question the wisdom of a presenter with over a million listeners?

He had just explained about a lifelong vegan lady who had dramatically lost a significant amount of weight by not eating sugar, salt or fat. He was not surprised that giving up such unhealthy foods the lady lost weight.

Chris Evans has also become vegan and related the story to eating a bowl of pasta with olive oil. He said by adding olive oil “you’re doubling up on calories”. The message was that olive oil is like any other fat and is “bad for you” and is fattening.

As an experienced nutritionist, I really could not let this go without comment. I felt it was providing incorrect information to his one million listeners who could then take Chris’s word as gospel and stop using olive oil! No!

I grabbed the phone…

My “spat” with Chris Evans television and radio presenter

I quickly grabbed my phone, found the Virgin Radio contact details and text: ”Just listened to you talk about oils and you mention olive oil. Please don’t put olive oil in the same category as the processed fats found in packaged food! It’s fantastic for you. Helps lower cholesterol, helps you burn fat. It’s a key component of a ketogenic diet (high fat). I’m a nutritional therapist so I hope I know what I’m talking about!”.

With a clear conscience, I went back to my mundane morning tasks but five minutes later my name was on air! Chris read out my text word for word. However, I lost his approval when he reached the part about ketogenic diets. Not surprisingly (after his previous comments about fats) he is not a fan.

I couldn’t leave it at that as I’m also not a huge fan of the ketogenic diet. So this time I text: “Actually I’m not a fan of the ketogenic diet either. But it was in the context of weight loss. High fat (low fibre) really doesn’t help the gut microbiome of which I am passionate about”.

My “spat” with Chris Evans – Back on the same page… phew!

My “spat” with Chris Evans television and radio presenter

I was so pleased he read my second text out on air and this time he did admit that we were “on the same page”. Phew! I know Chris has had many guests talking about gut health. And as all things gut and digestive health are my main areas of specialism in practice I was very pleased to sort out our differences on air.

You can catch up with Chris’s Breakfast show HERE

What would it take for you to feel passionate enough about a subject matter to contact your radio station?

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