Let’s Talk about Water PODCAST

In this podcast, I talk about water and why our body needs it. If you want to hear my take on dietary facts and menopausal diets, then watch my latest video or listen to the podcast.

Let’s Talk about Water & Hydration

This week, I thought I’d revisit the topic of hydration. This came to light after a client had an unfortunate incident of passing out unconscious, was rushed to A&E in an ambulance then spent 24 hours in hospital to be monitored. The only finding at the end of this time? Dehydration.

At the other end of the scale to this, I recall a blot to the reputation of nutritionists when I was still a student (although I doubt the practitioner in question was properly qualified), whose advice to a client was to consume 4L of water a day. Unfortunately, the client had forgotten on one particular day, consumed most of this water in one go and died.

On a brighter note(!) these incidents are extremely rare, but it reminds us of the essential role that water plays to the functioning of the body and making sure we consume the right amount. 

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Let’s Talk about Water PODCAST
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Let’s Talk about Water PODCAST

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