Why Men need to be aware of BPH and 7 dietary factors to implement NOW PODCAST

In this podcast I talk about the men’s health which I don’t do so often and I focus on what is Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH), one important condition that effects one third of men over 50 is prostate enlargement. If you want to hear more about male or female health then watch my latest video or listen to the podcast.

Men’s Health Week: BPH and 7 dietary factors to implement

Men’s Health Week raises awareness of the health issues that affect men and to encourage men to become more aware of health problems they could develop.

One important condition that affects one third of men over 50 is prostate enlargement – Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH). This is not cancerous, but if the prostate becomes enlarged it can act like a clamp and impede the flow of urine.

Men can find they need to urinate more frequently, often getting up several times a night. There may also be hesitancy and sometimes urgency.

Ageing does not have to lead to BPH. Sex hormones play a significant part in BPH development and progression. DHT is a stronger form of testosterone which encourages growth. Oestrogen plays a role too. 

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Why Men need to be aware of BPH and 7 dietary factors to implement NOW PODCAST
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Why Men need to be aware of BPH and 7 dietary factors to implement NOW PODCAST

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