Naturopathic ways to stay cool and healthy in a heatwave PODCAST

In today’s podcast, I talk about how you can stay cool in the heat and still maintain a healthy lifestyle. If you want to hear my take on this or other health topics then listen to the podcast or watch my videos on Facebook and YouTube.

Naturopathic tips to stay cool and healthy in a heatwave

As Brits, we tend to complain about the weather. We complain when it’s too cold in the Summer, and then boom! We’re hit with a sudden heatwave, and we don’t know what to do with ourselves.

Like most extreme weather conditions, we are not prepared for the heat, and it takes us by surprise. It doesn’t help that we design our house to retain the heat through the Winter with loft insulation, thick carpets and curtains. So during a hot spell, we have few cool places to go.

So what can we do to stay cool, stay hydrated and stay healthy? Here are my top tips to help you navigate your way coolly and healthily through the sweltering days.

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Naturopathic ways to stay cool and healthy in a heatwave PODCAST
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Naturopathic ways to stay cool and healthy in a heatwave PODCAST

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