More Herbs Less Salt for a Healthy Gut PODCAST

More Herbs Less Salt is an American Awareness day on 29th August. 

It is well recognised that we should be careful with our salt consumption. When we talk about salt, we are referring to sodium chloride, common table salt. The recommended salt consumption over and above the salt we find in food is just 1 teaspoon. 

Salt (sodium) is recognised to be a contributor of high blood pressure as the body will hold on to additional fluid to dilute the sodium in your blood, this increases the pressure. Processed foods can increase the sodium consumption in your diet, and there is no need to add salt to your food most of the time.

Now – new research has shown that a diet high in salt can damage one of the important families of beneficial bacteria – Lactobacillus species. We know that a high sugar and high processed diet damages the delicate ecosystem of beneficial bacteria, and now we can add salt to this list too.

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More Herbs Less Salt for a Healthy Gut PODCAST
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More Herbs Less Salt for a Healthy Gut PODCAST

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