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In today’s podcast, I talk about how Magnesium reacts with the gut. Is lack of Magnesium bad for your health? Why Magneium helps with your mental health as much as physical.

Why do you need Magnesium for your hormones, your gut and so much more?

Magnesium is an essential mineral so often overlooked in relation to iron and calcium. Yet is involved in at least 500 body processes in the human body. So why don’t we know more about it? 

Understanding how to detect possible signs of a deficiency and how to boost your intake is at the heart of this article.

In all my years in practice, I think I explain to at least 90% of my clients why we need magnesium and why they may be lacking it. Yet when I start this conversation, few are aware of just why it is so crucial to their health and to their presenting symptoms. Magnesium is known as a co-factor supporting human processes. Without it these processes are impaired. 

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Magical Magnesium - why you need it for your hormones, your gut and so much more

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