Is your body inflamed? PODCAST

In today’s podcast, I talk about whether your body feels inflamed and how to confront that inflammation. If you want to hear my take on this or other health topics then listen to the podcast or watch my videos on Facebook and YouTube.

Is your body inflamed? Here are tell-tale signs and what you can do about it

Inflammation is a necessary protective mechanism, but when it gets out of hand you may find you have chronic low grade inflammation that doesn’t switch off. This can be a trigger for more serious health conditions. Here are some typical signs of inflammation to look out for. And read on for my dietary and lifestyle approaches to create a more anti-inflammatory “happy” body state.

Acute inflammation is an important protective and repair mechanism. Take me recently as a good example. I took a nasty tumble out running and badly grazed my knee. It swelled up slightly, making movement difficult for a few days whilst the inflammatory cytokines and white blood cells rushed to the damaged site to clear up the debris and heal and repair. It created pus initially and then formed a scar at the damaged site. Job done!

I’m back to normal now, but for many people there is a heightened state of inflammation going on within the body that may not be obvious. But be aware that long-term inflammation is a marker for cardiovascular disease, diabetes, autoimmune conditions and cancer. 

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Is your body inflamed? PODCAST
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Is your body inflamed? PODCAST

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