Going Dry January? Avoid Those Pesky Sugar Cravings PODCAST

In today’s podcast, I talk about what is Dry January? The types of macronutrients? How to avoid sugar cravings?

Going Dry January? Let me show you how to avoid those sugar cravings…

Well done for setting a great intention to give up alcohol for January – or longer. You may be thinking it’s just about the alcohol habit that is hard to overcome but you may also be finding you are craving sugary foods.

Let’s explore what’s going on in the body and how you can ease the transition without replacing alcohol with sugar!

But first well done for getting this far into the New Year- almost two weeks in (if you’ve just started this) -or maybe you quit alcohol some time ago? It can be so difficult to navigate the social scene or even spending evenings at home if you’ve had a stressful day. But what you may not have expected was the sudden craving for sweet foods.

What causes sugar cravings after quitting alcohol?

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Going Dry January? Avoid Those Pesky Sugar Cravings

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