Ditch the Diet. Lose Weight the Healthy Way

By Caroline Peyton of Peyton Principles.

Caroline is a qualified nutritional therapist and naturopath with clinics in Swindon and the Cotswolds. Her business celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2020.

She’s a specialist in supporting women in menopause and in gut health and digestive issues. She’s appeared in the Daily Express, The Lady and many more publications, on and offline, offering advice around nutrition and healthy eating.

Article first appeared in TotalSwindon

What if you could give up dieting forever?

What if you could give up dieting forever? How would it feel to never have to think about calories, sin foods, feeling hungry or deprived yet still lose weight? To know you can eat tasty satisfying meals and eat out with friends and family and still meet your weight goals?

It has been ingrained into us that we need to suffer to lose weight. That we are either “on a diet” so cannot eat in a normal way, or “off a diet” which will invariably result in weight gain. We need to stop seeing food as the enemy and put an end to the yoyo cycle of being on a diet to lose weight but feel a failure as soon as a forbidden food is eaten. 

It is also worrying that losing weight is prioritised over good health. After all what is the point of looking slim but still having high blood pressure or inflammation?

Eating should be enjoyable

In my 11 years in practice I have never used the word “diet” with my clients. Eating should be an enjoyable part of our lives and it should contribute to our health.  I devise personalised healthy eating plans that not only help clients lose weight in a sustained and lasting way but at the same time meets their health needs; such as alleviating joint aches and pains, supporting good digestive wellness or hormonal balance. Clients are thrilled to discover that not only do they lose weight but they are eating enjoyable meals, they are not hungry and it is no effort at all.

Top 6 Tips to Eat Healthy

Here are six tips anyone can use to create a healthy eating pattern for 2021. 

1. Think less sugar – the secret to this is understanding that sugar (which includes starchy carbohydrates and most fruit) encourages the body to store fat but leaves the body running on empty and reaching for more of the same foods. 

2. Increase your intake of protein and healthy fats to fullness without the weight gain. Eat more of that chicken or fish.

3. Start to load more vegetables onto your plate with a diverse range of types and colours. As you lesson the sugar (see point 1) increase the veg. 

4. Add variety create curries, stews, soups and stir-fries using spices and herbs add a huge depth of flavour to your dishes and most provide multiple health benefits too.  

5. Go easy on the pasta, rice, potatoes and bread. Ask yourself do they even need to form part of your main meal or is it more from habit? If it’s the latter, leave them off the plate.

6. Phase-out snacks gradually. We have become a nation of snackers and it’s not surprising as snacks are available almost everywhere we choose to shop. Snacks interfere with the body’s ability to maintain healthy blood sugar and insulin levels. When main meals are balanced with protein, fats and vegetables and less starchy carbohydrates, it really does help the body to stay full between meals.

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