Are You Menopausal – You Need To Watch Out For These Chemicals PODCAST

Why Endocrine Disruptor Chemicals may contribute to menopausal symptoms – and how to minimise your exposure

As women transition through the menopause and oestrogen production starts to decline, there are a group of chemicals known as Endocrine Disrupters that can start to exert a more powerful and potentially damaging effect in the body.

We know that oestrogen naturally starts to decline during the peri-menopause. Oestrogen is a hormone and locks onto oestrogen receptors on the cell membranes throughout the body and brain. Just like a lock and key. This is one reason women why start to experience such a wide variety of symptoms. But during the menopause when oestrogen levels decline, these receptors may accept other chemicals that look and fit just like oestrogen but have the potential to alter metabolism in a number of ways.

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Are You Menopausal - You Need To Watch Out For These Chemicals PODCAST
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Are You Menopausal - You Need To Watch Out For These Chemicals PODCAST

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