Are you at risk of B12 Deficiency? Find out the most common reasons why PODCAST

In this podcast, I talk about weather you are B12 deficient. How to find out and which foods will help you up you B12. If you want to hear my take on dietary facts and menopausal diets, then watch my latest video or listen to the podcast.

Are you at risk of B12 Deficiency?

B12 deficiency seems to be on the increase amongst younger populations, although the risk of this to the under 60 age group is only 6% according to the UK NICE medical guidelines. 

One reason for this difference could be a testing anomaly. NHS test total serum B12, whereas a more accurate marker is “Active” B12. On average, 70% of the total B12 in the blood is not available for the body to use, but this can vary from person to person. Measuring Active B12 gives a more reliable picture of B12 deficiency.

If you’re feeling tired, low energy, have low concentration, low mood, forgetfulness, poor sleep, dizziness, pins and needles (to name a few symptoms) you may have less optimal B12 levels.

But – don’t wait for symptoms or a blood test to tell you about your B12 status, look at this list of common factors that can interfere with B12 availability in the body. The more factors you tick on this list, the greater the reason to take steps to alter your lifestyle or eating habits.  

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Are you at risk of B12 Deficiency? Find out the most common reasons why PODCAST
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Are you at risk of B12 Deficiency? Find out the most common reasons why PODCAST

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