30 Day Reset Programme Package

Are you confused by conflicting messages in the media?

No longer know what you should and should not be eating?

Are you fed up of yo-yo dieting; tried various commercial and other fashionable diets yet still not achieved the weight you desire?
Feel like your “on a diet” then “off a diet” and find the weight creeps back on?


Stop this once and for all!

Achieve a healthy, achievable and sustainable weight loss;

Stop counting calories;

Stop omitting important food groups from your diet;

Learn how to eat out socially without “ruining” things;

Learn from an experienced nutritional therapist how to eat and enjoy eating in a healthy way.

Have a better understanding of how to fuel your body to help optimise your health.


This programme is Ideal for those who wish to get their health, lifestyle and diet back on track.


The information is personalised to you: your goals, your likes and dislikes, your ethical beliefs and to fit your lifestyle


Includes a 60 minute initial consultation; and 3 x 20 minute weekly reviews (by Zoom or Skype) with 15 minute email support between sessions.

Designed as a 30 day programme but if necessary due to holidays or exceptional circumstances can be extended to 6 weeks.

Price: £165.00