What is it?

Iridology is the study of the iris of the eye (the coloured part) which provides information about the body’s inherent strengths and weaknesses. 

It can help to direct the assessment to the root cause of health concerns as specific areas relate to specific organs and systems of the body. For example potential inflammation or toxicity, poor digestion or elimination may be seen.


In the embryonic stage of development the iris was part of the brain. The iris shows the end result of nerve transmissions to the brain from all organs and systems of the body. The fibres in the eyes are exposed nerve endings and as such the eyes are the only brain tissue to meet the outside world. 

The saying that “eyes are the window to the soul” probably has more meaning than we realise.

Modern Iridology dates back to the seventeenth century and used by Hippocrates. The Europeans in particular Germans, deserve much acknowledgement to the development of the science of Iridology. 

Iridology is part of the curriculum in medical schools in Moscow, the Bobigny Faculty of Medicine at the University of Paris Nord and various Egyptian and Greek medical faculties.

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About Caroline Peyton & Peyton Principles

Caroline Peyton, Expert Nutritional Therapist

Caroline Peyton is an experienced nutritional therapist and naturopath with more than a decade of experience. 

She established Peyton Principles to provide personalised nutrition and lifestyle programmes to enable individuals to lead happier, healthier more active lives.

Caroline specialises in gut and digestive issues: from IBS to SIBO to IBD conditions.

She invests a huge amount of her time to stay abreast of the latest research and thinking regarding gut health, IBS, SIBO and the microbiome and its links to human health.

Caroline is experienced in utilising and understanding complex functional testing especially in the area of gut health.

She selects the very best tests available and only recommends these based on an individual’s unique needs and requirements.

Caroline offers a range of services in addition to her expertise on Digestive & Gut Health.