Health & Wellbeing Charity Auction


I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who took part.  You have helped to raise funds for the wonderful local charity, The Churn Project (click for more info).

We asre busy confirming all the bid/lots and will announce the amount raised shortly. 

Once again, thank you for helping me raise funds for The Churn Project, Cirencester.

The Churn Project Charity Auction Lots


Health & Wellbeing Charity Auction

Fantastic scents with this natural candle and shower gel.

Enjoy the beautiful uplifting scents of grapefruit and petitgrain organic essential oils in this natural beeswax candle (36 hr burn time) together with this organic shower gel with geranium, lavender and aloe vera.

From Neal’s Yard Remedies, ethical British wellbeing brand.

Kindly donated by Fiona Scott.  

RRP £49.


A fabulous hamper box of Linwoods cold milled nuts and seeds. 

A lovely selection of healthy fats and protein sources to use as toppings for cereal, yogurts, salads – the choice is yours! I’m a big fan of these products. 

Kindly donated by Linwoods.  

RRP £21.


Female hormonal support. 

Highly therapeutic and absorbable nutritional and herbal support for women over 45 who may require additional natural support at this “changing” time but not on HRT. A carefully prepared blend of herbs, vitamins and minerals.

Kindly donated by Biocare and NewRootsHerbal.

RRP £83.


Health starts in the gut- and the mouth! 

Invivo are THE UK Microbiome company. Gut bacterial imbalance effects all aspects of health. Oral bacterial imbalance strongly associated with periodontal and gum disease and also upsets gut balance. Forget probiotics, the latest therapeutic approach is to feed the good bacteria with these prebiotic fibres to help restore equilibrium. Caroline frequently turns to these in her practice.  There are 2 of these lots available!

Kindly donated by Invivo Healthcare. 

RRP £54.


Relaxing and muscle soothing Ancient Magnesium bath flakes and oil. 

Soak in the bath, spray the oil on (external) aches and pains. Ultra pure magnesium chloride from Zechstein seabed. 

Kindly donated by Good Health Naturally UK 

RRP £24.45.


For Men’s health, energy, testosterone levels, fertility and cardiovascular support. 

Highly therapeutic multi vitamin and mineral supplement with Co-Q10. A two month’s supply.  

Kindly donated by Biocare.

RRP £69.


A whole goody box of healthy natural high fibre gluten free plant based protein chocolate brownie bars!

Naturally sweetened with xylitol (does not raise blood glucose). For all you fitness/active people or those on the go. 18 x 35g bars.  

Kindly donated by pulsinhq

RRP £17.82.


A one hour thai massage or foot massage treatment.

 At Wood Street Wellbeing, by the “king” of thai massage!

Kindly donated by Jan Wojtowitcz owner of Wood Street Wellbeing, Swindon. 

RRP £35.


A fabulous seasonal box of organic food from the Organic Farm Shop, Cirencester. 

Wonderful organic foods such as garden greens, garden asparagus, garden herbs, eggs, homemade jam, home made cheese, farm grown and baked bread, homemade cake.

More veggies will be included dependent on weather! 

Kindly donated by The Organic Farm Shop , Cirencester. ( For Collection from the farm. )

RRP £30.

LOT 10

Immune supporting nutritional and herbal support. 

We all need to keep our immune system in tip top condition. An 8 day supply of Immune Intensive - highly therapeutic levels of nutrients (A, C, D, Zinc and more)

Kindly donated by Biocare.

Together with fabulous turmeric and elderflower whole herb teas- like you’ve never had before. Herbs served as a tea (forget teabags this is the real deal).  5 x Turmeric and 5 x Elderflower (20 servings per pot) 

kindly donated by Aquasol.

There are 2 of these lots available so even more chance to win!

RRP £76.

LOT 11

Relax your way towards a good night’s sleep. 

Neal’s Yard Remedies Lavender bath salts together with New Roots Herbal Lavender oil capsules. 

Kindly donated by Neal's Yard Remedies & New Roots Herbal.

RRP £40.

LOT 12

Multi Essentials for Women.

A highly absorbable high potency one a day multi vitamin and mineral. Provides general support as well as bone health, thyroid, skin, nails and cognition. A four month’s supply.

Kindly donated by Nutri Advanced

RRP £63.40.

LOT 13

Multi Essentials for Men. 

A highly absorbable high potency one a day multi vitamin and mineral. Provides general support as well as prostate, cardiovascular and cognition. A four month’s supply

Kindly donated by Nutri Advanced

RRP £74.40.

LOT 14

Win Food Intolerance Test

NEW LOT - Premium Food Intolerance Test worth £150!  

Premium finger prick blood test for food intolerances by York Test. Tests over 200 food and drinks.

Recommended by Allergy UK.

RRP £150 ! 

Supporting a wonderful Charity...

Caroline Peyton supporting the Churn Project

This year I wanted to give something back to the community. In what has been a very challenging year for all of us. 

I was aware of The Churn Project’s work which provides services for many hundreds of local people, reducing isolation, promoting wellbeing and creating opportunities to learn and achieve.

To help I have committed to raise £1,000 across the year which is no small feat for a micro business owner!

I've managed to raise over £250 on my recent gut cleanse program and I hope this auction will take us well over the halfway mark.

The Churn Project offers support to the most vulnerable and marginalised people in the Cirencester area and aims to reduce isolation and improve wellbeing for the local people.

You can find out more about the Churn Project from their website here.