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Following the huge success of Caroline’s Retreat Days in 2023, Caroline is delighted to be hosting a Summer luxury naturopathic retreat day on 22nd May 2024 for both men and women!

Who is hosting the event?

Hosted by highly experienced Naturopath and Nutritionist Caroline Peyton in the beautiful setting - and with exclusive use of - the Cotswold Park Barns north of Cirencester.

Who is Caroline Peyton?

Caroline brings her 14 years of clinical experience alongside her own personal experience of the holistic and nurturing naturopathic practice.

Caroline is well placed to teach and share naturopathy. She is a fully qualified, insured and registered Naturopath and sits on the board of the prestigious General Naturopathic Council. Caroline is Accreditation Officer and has the responsibility to accredit Naturopathy courses in the UK at the highest standards. 

Who is the Luxury Summer Awakening Retreat for?

This is a day for both men and women to come together and enjoy the beauty of Cotswold Park Barns, eat delicious nourishing wholesome food where Caroline will share the self care naturopathic practices and nutrition insights that are essential to support the body’s natural healing capabilities; achieve lasting transformation; to maximise health and minimise illness; and maximise vitality to keep you strong.

This luxury self care day will include:

  • The importance of detoxification
  • Maximising immunity
  • Gut cleansing and elimination
  • Superfoods to nourish and heal
  • Destressing the mind and body
  • BONUS! Crystal Sound Bath

Caroline brings to this retreat her immense expertise delivered in a simple easy to implement way. Caroline does not believe in diets, or restrictive eating practices. But she does believe in nourishing your body. Caroline says, as a Naturopath, I believe your body has an innate ability to heal itself given the right tools.”

This is a day for those who value their health and wellbeing to come together in a supportive environment and enjoy the beauty of Cotswold Park Barns, eat delicious nourishing wholesome food whilst Caroline guides you through the Self Care Practices that encompass Naturopathy.

The day will be one of education and shared discussion in a supportive caring environment.

This is NOT a weight loss retreat! It is deliberately not a yoga retreat. This is a day to maximise your understanding of how to care for your body.

What will you gain on this luxury summer retreat?

  • A full day with Caroline to tap into her immense knowledge and ask her anything (within reason!)
  • Take home tools and techniques that you can implement straight away
  • Booklet of beautiful simple recipes you can recreate at home
  • A day to pamper your soul with likeminded souls who understand the importance of caring for your bodies especially into later life.

What does the day include?

  • Full private day use of Cotswold Park Barns and surrounding grounds
  • Healthy nutritious snacks
  • Nourishing, plant based lunch (gluten and dairy free)
  • Teas and coffees (including herbal options)
  • Take home Wellbeing Goody bags
  • Information sheets to guide you through the day
  • Full recipe pack

A little more about your host, Caroline Peyton...

Caroline is trained to the highest occupational standards in Nutritional Therapy and Naturopathy. She is a member (and sits on the board) of the General Naturopathic Council and a member (and former Chair) of the Naturopathic Nutrition Association. She has full insurance to practice.

She previously owned the Natural Healthcare College training future naturopathic nutritional therapists and supervising student’s clinical practice.

Retreat Testimonials

"I just wanted to thank you Caroline for a great day – SO interesting, learnt a lot, delicious food and goodies. I really am glad I came along. You are very good at what you do!"

Janet B

"I enjoyed all elements of the day: meeting others, delicious food. Caroline’s information and advice was excellent - the knowledge imparted was the main benefit for me."


“Thank you for sharing your years of research and knowledge with us.”
“Caroline’s information was very helpful and informative.”
“Caroline is a fountain of wisdom and she shared so much valuable information.”

“Delicious healthy food. Caroline’ information was extremely helpful. Thank you for your amazing knowledge and inspiration.”
“You present and explain things really well Caroline and the food was delicious!!”

“You present and explain things well Caroline."
“The day went by too quickly.”
“Lovely friendly atmosphere, excellent food, thought provoking.”

BONUS! - Finish the Detox Retreat Day with a Sound Bath!

Luxury Detox Retreat Day

Louise Robinson, holistic therapist, will round off your retreat day with a crystal bowl sound bath to rebalance energy fields, cleanse the mind, release tension and to leave you with an increased sense of wellbeing.

A crystal sound bath is a form of sound healing. You are immersed in the sound and vibrations using Tibetan singing bowls and a tuning fork.

Trust me it’s a truly invigorating sensation!

My Retreat Mission...

 To show you how to care for and nurture your 

 body, feel revitalised 

  and 10 years younger! 

Caroline x

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