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Gut Health Restore Programme Package

This programme is designed for those experiencing acute or chronic digestive symptoms. 

Have you explored conventional medical help but without resolution?

Have you been told it is ‘IBS” and that you must just live with it?

Do you experience any of the following:


Abdominal cramps?



Intermittent bowel movements or urgency?

Acid reflux?



Have you tried over the counter medication (like Gaviscon) or prescribed medication like Buscopan or Mebeverine or even Omeprazole without relief?

Do you find you are omitting more and more food but still can not identify the problem?

Do your symptoms make your life a misery? Perhaps your clothes no longer fit well, you may find it difficult to leave the house, or your symptoms are just plain embarrassing.

You are not alone! I’ve heard it all over my ten years in practice. I’ve seen many quite desperate clients where symptoms are literally ruining their lives.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. 

I am an experienced naturopathic practitioner with a particular passion in gut health and the microbiome (gut bacteria).  I have an in-depth understanding of the digestive tract and will take the time to help identify what may be causing the problem(s).

I will also provide clear explanations so you understand what may be happening and why.

Food is rarely the problem. It is more likely to be an imbalance within the digestive tract and through careful assessment I will put a programme in place to help alleviate your symptoms.

Health begins in the gut so if you experience other symptoms there may be a connection.

Functional testing (stool and SIBO) can be extremely helpful for chronic symptoms and if deemed useful, this will be discussed and explained at your consultation before any decision is made.

Includes the initial consultation (up to 2 hours); and 4 x 45 minute follow-up appointments (face to face or by Zoom or Skype) with 15 minute email support between sessions.

Designed as a 3 month programme but if necessary due to holidays or exceptional circumstances can be extended to 4 months.

Price: £335