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I'm available online for clients across the UK and beyond via Zoom.

If you prefer a face to face consultation I cover... 

  • Swindon: Wood Street Wellbeing, 10 Wood Street, Swindon SN1 4AB 
  • Kempsford: Greatfield House, Top Road, Kempsford, GL7 4EG
  • Cotswolds, Cirencester & surrounding villages

If you are looking for support, guidance, advice or to discuss wellbeing in the workplace

Or call me on direct 07730 513303

"I feel confident now I can eat & a role model to my family making changes for all our benefit."

"Caroline is definitely expert level. She really helped me understand how nutrition was used in my body and why I was experiencing the symptoms. She gave me a feeling of empowerment over what and how to eat to feel more energetic and healthy. I feel confident now I can eat in a way that I can also role model to my family making changes for all our benefit."

Caroline Peyton, Expert Nutritional Therapist

Caroline Peyton is an experienced nutritional therapist and naturopath with more than a decade of experience. 

She established Peyton Principles to provide personalised nutrition and lifestyle programmes to enable individuals to lead happier, healthier more active lives.

Caroline specialises in gut and digestive issues: from IBS to SIBO to IBD conditions.

She invests a huge amount of her time to stay abreast of the latest research and thinking regarding gut health and the microbiome and its links to human health.

Caroline is experienced in utilising and understanding complex functional testing especially in the area of gut health.

She selects the very best tests available and only recommends these based on an individual’s unique needs and requirements.

Caroline offers a range of services in addition to her expertise on Digestive & Gut Health.


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