Consultations and Pricing

Detailed case history taking is an essential part of the consultation process. It’s as important to know about family history, childhood events and lifestyle as it is to know about current diet. Iridology , tongue and nail analysis and muscle response testing are incorporated into the consultation which are helpful ways to look for inherent strengths and weaknesses and help guide the consultation. Education is an important aspect of the consultation aiming to give clients a really good understanding of why changes are being suggested. This gives clients a greater chance of success and is more likely to be sustained for the long-term. Nutritional supplements may also be advised, particularly at an early stage in the programme, as these can help to support the body. Functional tests, such as hair mineral analysis or food allergy testing, are an optional extra that may be recommended. Working with you, dietary changes that you feel comfortable to follow will be suggested working at a pace to suit you and your lifestyle.

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Pricing detail

Most consultations are held face to face but Skype consultations can be arranged if most convenient especially for International clients.  Follow-ups can be either face to face or via Skype.

Initial Consultation (includes Approx. 90 minutes face to face time)

Includes initial case history assessment, in-depth consultation, iridology assessment, muscle response testing, tongue and nail assessment, recommendations, additional lifestyle information and instructions, drug interaction checks, supplement recommendations, email support between appointments for simple queries. You will have a complete plan of action from this first consultation. 

Private Health Insurance Cash Plans

Westfield and Health Shield offer reimbursement of my therapies on specified corporate paid plans. Clients who wish to seek reimbursement will need to check that their employer’s plan covers the therapies offered.

Functional Testing

There are a plethora of functional tests available and I tend to offer a small selection of these based on my clinical experience. These will be discussed at the consultation to determine whether such testing will be of benefit. Wherever possible, dietary and lifestyle recommendations are implemented first. Typical tests that may be recommended:

  • Stool testing to evaluate the gut microbiome, parasites, intestinal permeability, digestive efficiency, immune status:  Invivo, Geneva Diagnostics or BTS
  • Genetic testing to evaluate specific health markers and weight loss profile: my DNA
  • Adrenal Stress Indicator to look at the health of the adrenal glands: Genova Diagnostics
  • Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis to look at minerals and toxic metal ratios: Mineral Check
  • In depth health profile Nutrition-Evaluate:  Genova Diagnostics
  • Homocysteine test as a marker of CVD and Alzheimer’s risk: Lorisian
  • Food intolerance testing: Lorisian
  • Core Ten health metrics including vitamin D, B12, folic acid, calcium, magnesium, ferritin, TSH, T4: Brunel Health 

Payment by Bacs in advance of consultation please (provided at time of enquiry). Bookings are held once payment is received. Whilst cancellations at short notice are sometimes inevitable, as a busy clinic this is unfortunately lost income and lost appointment times available for others. Cancellations with less than 48 hours notice will be charged at 50% of the consultation fee.